What is Danspiritual?

It is an embodied meditation practice devised by Risa Luna. It explores the possibilities of instinctual movement and dance as a means of expression and consciousness expansion. Fundamental to the practice is the individual’s experience in the present moment and the cultivation of a nonjudgmental attitude. Danspiritual aims to create an all-inclusive community of people passionate about dance, inner growing and committed to consciously living.


Danspiritual 4Natural Elements Workshop 

The Four Natural Elements Shamanic Journey offers a practice where the participant is guided to dive into the body and learn how to trust his/her own process. It focuses on aligning with elements Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, enabling the participant to integrate the positive attributes of each of them in his own body and psyche. The impro dance segment that follows, provides the space for enjoying and exploring corporality creatively, navigating freely in most of the times sort of trance, which allows inspirations to emerge and healing to take place. Every element will enrich and balance your internal system.

It can be given to groups or individually in-person or online.


I AM-NESS Danspiritual Workshop Series 

At these sessions, we use freestyle dance, affirmations, guided meditations, inquiry work, visualizations, inner child work, connection to the natural world and oracle guidance cards. The ultimate goal of these sessions is training the participants to live from the energy of the loving and lovable being they are. We use a different theme every time: Love, Acceptance, Abundance, Forgiveness, Compassion and so on.

It can be given to groups or individually in-person or online.


“Working with Risa has been life-altering for me. Her working method is very effective. Her personal warmth and joy are making it a pleasure to attend to her workshops. I can definitely recommend working with Risa because she is so professional and truly caring. Thank you so much for your work and your valuable techniques and methods to connect with my Self and my surrounding. Your workshops have truly been life-changing for me. Keep spreading your love and light! ” -Jaron

“What I like most about this workshop is that every week you surprise us with something new.  I have been learning a lot the past weeks and I feel more peace inside myself…” -Iris

“The dance workshops of Risa Luna prove that connecting with yourself in deep layers can be so playful! She guides her dance workshops in an incredibly loving and free way, which made me feel safe to dive deeper into myself…” -Rosa

Wow! I almost don’t have any words to explain this fantastic meetup (Danspiritual Meetup Group). The host is such as warm-hearted being, it has been great to work with Risa Luna during the dance. Additionally, the technique itself felt so powerful as it was not only about desiring to be something or to be better at something but the inner work itself was based on fully embodying what one already is and what one, cannot yet see. Highly recommended meetup and I will probably be coming as much as I can….” – Karen