Inner Child Work

One-on-one Inner Child Coaching Sessions

Something is “Wrong with Me”

When we are children, those that are in charge of our upbringing form our internal views of ourselves. If we are loved unconditionally we will feel that we are enough. If we are treated with love and respect, we will feel that we are worthy of it throughout life and cultivate those types of relationships. If we are criticized constantly we will do the same with ourselves and others. If we are physically or emotionally abused, we will seek out the same throughout our lives. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s what we know and recognize as familiar. The problem is that this is a dysfunctional way to live life. Far from satisfying us, it moves us further and further from our essence which knows what is best for us. Many of us tend to ignore or minimize the emotional wounds inflicted on us at an early age, though more often than not the psychological disorders we’ve developed as grown-ups are largely related to our childhood. Depression, low self-esteem, codependent relationships, addiction, indecision, fear; there’s an ongoing list of consequential symptoms that grow along with us as we age. We feel that there is something “wrong with us.” Though we are functional, we continue to play the roles that we developed in our infancy and act from a place of hurt. Working with the Inner Child offers an effective method to re-parent ourselves, to stop toxic programming and get over the devastating consequences of trauma.

My Story

Diagnosed with depression at age 19, I was told I was born with a chemical imbalance and that I would need to take pills for the rest of my life. Not until I stopped taking them, however, did my healing begin. In the search to find what the pills had been concealing, I fell into a deep depression and went through many years of feeling a victim, resentful, frustrated and unhappy. It is through working with my Inner Child that I finally emerged from this cycle of negativity and hopelessness.

A Rescue Voyage 

The vast majority of us grew up in environments in which we were victims of victims. Co-dependent relationships were established and as children, we were called on to fill inappropriate roles. One doesn’t have to be sexually or physically assaulted to experience abuse. We need to delve deep in order to understand the depth and seriousness of the damage we were subjected to. Not out of self-pity or to place blame on others, but to validate our lived experience rather than minimize it and to be able to look into the eyes of that scared defenseless child and rescue him/her. To take him out of a toxic environment where he still dwells and embraces him with the unconditional love needed to lead a rich full life in which being our true selves is sufficient.

Inner Child Work

It consists of reconciling the various Inner Children with the Grownup Self through a series of guided meditation and introspective work to provide a foundation of love and support. You will learn to communicate to your Inner Children and meet their needs in appropriate ways in a process of restoring a balance of roles in where the adult self, assumes the responsibility of his/her life. The client is all the time aware of what is going on. I am there as a guide yet the client’s adult self is the one who does the work. In most cases, a few sessions are enough for the clients to feel that they are holding the steering of their life. You are most welcome to my practice for an in-person session or we can schedule a Skype or Zoom consultation. I speak English, Dutch and Spanish.