Tools that help my clients change their relationship with the most

influential person in their lives: themselves


Try what resonates with you and remember to:

• Not berate yourself for forgetting sometimes to do your practice or not getting immediate results.
• Be kind, patient and compassionate to and with yourself no matter what is happening in your life.
• Imagine how you will feel when your negative programming is gone.

Greeting your Inner Child first thing in the morning

Make communicating with your child part of your morning ritual. Greet your Inner Child and ask their age. Ask them if they need something that day. We always take the first thought as a response. Remember to say a few loving words to them each time.


Meditation is a great way to start the day and connect with your Healthy Adult/Higher Self and with your Inner Child. But if you rather want to just relax and lay down scanning your body, that is fine too! You can find guided meditations of one minute on the web. No matter how small the step, if you make it part of your day, it will bring consciousness and calm to your life. Do not miss the opportunity to grow and feel expansive connecting with your true self by meditation!

Body Scan Meditation and Affirmations for the Inner Child (9 minutes)

When we are relaxed, our subconscious is more receptive to new input, that is why a great way to start or end the day, is to use this meditation that includes a short body scan followed by loving messages directed to our Inner Child.


Explore the meditation app Insight Timer. It is for free and has loads of great meditations there. Another option is to search on the web. I love Michelle Chalfant podcasts and meditations.

Written dialogue with your Inner Child

We practice the written dialogue using our dominant hand to ask questions and our non-dominant hand for answers from your inner child. We let the non-dominant hand write without interfering or questioning the validity of the exercise. We have trust that this will work.

Special Corner for your Inner Child

Have their photos at hand. Look at them often. Make a little spot in your house where you can look at them. Send them love.

Give yourself compliments

Focus on what you do right and praise yourself for simple tasks. We all need validation and admiration. Create the pattern of cheering yourself for cooking, making your bed or the dishes, remembering your sister birthday or recycling. And of course for bigger accomplishments as well! Be generous with yourself. Well done! Great job! You rock! I am proud of you! where your focus goes energy flows.

Start a Gratitude Journal

When we are not in a good space, we tend to focus on what we lack and overlook what we already have and are being blessed with. Making a little list every day of 5-10 things we are grateful for is a good way of gaining perspective and changing our vibration while at the same time sowing seeds for more blessings to come.

Understanding your story through the language of fairy tales

This exercise consists of writing your story as if it were a fairy tale. You are asked here to transform your child into a hero, the hero she or he TRULY was, for having used all their resources to try to make their family happy, gain their love, appreciation and attention. It is valid to exaggerate, dramatize, use humor and irony to express how it felt to live in this family. Fully use your imagination.
Because you are not asked to be precise and objective, you will be able to surpass the rational thinking that relativizes your suffering and justifies the behavior of the adults in charge and freely express how it was for you to grow in this environment.  
This exercise might unlock the recognition of the deep sensations you still carry around and give you a broader perspective of your personal story. At the same time your real potency and goodness will be revealed, your courage and sanity; your vulnerability and love for your family and your intention of protecting it at any price. You will understand the way you had to stop being who you were to fit in to keep the balance in the family and your attempts to be seen and valued. Let’s use this exercise to see, from another perspective, the characters you and your close ones played. We do it by replacing them for witches, kings or queens magic animals, monsters, fairies, etc. You will be surprised by the outcome. It doesn’t really matter if you have not written a single story in your whole life. Let it come. Do not plan. Just start writing and see what happens. And most importantly give it a good ending. Remember in this story you are the hero! After you are done, share it with a person you trust and will validate what you went through.

Dancing Affirmations

Choose a song that makes you feel like dancing. Choose one affirmation from the list below or make up your own. Invite your inner child to dance with you. Be sometimes your child and sometimes the adult. Let this truth come in and fill your whole body. If you use Spotify, create your own list of happy uplifting/danceable songs. Listen to it often. You can also use a frenzied song to release heavy emotions. This is my favorite: Yemen Blues by Jat Mahibathi 

And for affirming any of the truths below: Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd

I matter.

I am important.

I deserve respect.

I am loved.

I am safe.

I am perfect exactly as I am.

I deserve to be loved unconditionally.

I love myself just the way I am.

It’s okay to say no.

I allow myself to shine my light.

It is safe to shine my light.

I am fully supported by the universe.

I am valuable.

I am lovable.

I am more than enough.

I approve of myself.

It is safe to be me.

It is safe to be happy.

I am unique.

I love myself unconditionally.

I feel at home in my body.

It is my birthright to be happy.

I am sacred.

My body is sacred.

I am powerful beyond measure.

I am pure love.

I am a miracle of the universe.

I have got this song tip from a client and it is great fun. Make sure you have some space to dance before you click PLAY 🙂 Can t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

Doing fun activities and buying toys

Doing things you used to love as a kid nurtures the forgotten Inner Child(ren). Buying a real present that our inner child asked for when possible, is a great way to nurture them and to recover a sense of playfulness we all need.

Know that…

Our inner child can manifest in moments when we feel tired or sad, scared, guilty, etc. In those moments we can talk to them in a loving way, offering reassurance, support and understanding. NEVER judge them or minimize their (YOUR) feelings. We will train ourselves to recognize their presence; we can connect with them when we have fun, are surrounded by beauty or feel grateful. Like any other child, they appreciate the time we dedicate to them. Remember to tell them that you love them! Write any insights, dreams, memories, strong feelings that might come during this process. If for any reason it is not possible to dedicate 5 to 10 minutes to our Inner Child in the morning, we can do it later in the day or at night. Consistency is key.