How can I support you?

Would you like to be kinder to yourself and enjoy a calm and peaceful state of mind most of the time? Would you like to transform your inner dialogue into one that nourishes your sense of worthiness? Do you want to wake up every morning with a sense of meaning because you are using your talents and following your call? Inner Child work might be exactly what can help you to start making that shift.

Are you aware of the stories you are telling yourself about yourself? Most of the times these stories are not true. You were programmed since birth by your first caregivers. They did the best they could but many times they failed to mirror how lovable and full of potential you are. You can uncover and celebrate your uniqueness by developing a relationship with your inner child.


Why does Inner Child sessions work so effectively?

The unconscious cannot differentiate between what we visualize or imagine in a relaxed and open mind state from what truly happens. When at the session our inner child—who had been feeling lonely or unsafe, for example, meets the adult self who is willing to embrace her lovingly and take care of her—this painful state subsides.





Book your FREE first 30-minute call or video-call session

I offer you a free-of-charge 30 minute call or video-call session where I see how I can help you and I propose a plan. Send me a WhatsApp to make an appointment for an introductory session FREE of charge to +31641965220.

After that we agree on schedules and a payment plan to start your process. If it is online, the payment is in advance through PayPal or bank account. 


In-Person or Online Coaching Sessions

You are most welcome to my practice for an In-person session or we can schedule a Skype or Zoom consultation. I speak English, Dutch and Spanish.

Duration of the first session:  2 – 3 hours
Follow-up sessions: 1,5 – 2 hours

What is Danspiritual?

It is an embodied meditation practice devised by Risa Luna. It explores the possibilities of instinctual movement and dance as a means of expression and consciousness expansion. Fundamental to the practice is the individual’s experience in the present moment and the cultivation of a nonjudgmental attitude. Danspiritual aims to create an all-inclusive community of people passionate about dance, inner growing and committed to consciously living.

Danspiritual 4Natural Elements Workshop 

The Four Natural Elements workshop offers a practice where the participant is guided to dive into the body and learn how to trust his/her own process. It focuses on aligning with elements Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, enabling the participant to integrate the positive attributes of each of them in his own body and psyche. The impro dance segment that follows, provides the space for enjoying and exploring corporality creatively, navigating freely in most of the times sort of trance, which allows inspirations to emerge and healing to take place. Every element will enrich and balance your internal system.

I AM-NESS Danspiritual Workshop Series 

At these sessions, we use freestyle dance, affirmations, guided meditations, inquiry work, visualizations, inner child work, connection to the natural world and oracle guidance cards. We explore a different theme in every session. The ultimate goal of these sessions is training the participants to live from the energy of the loving and lovable being they are. 

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